Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Last City – for just 99p/99c

Disclaimer: I have a story in this anthology (Legacy, by Thaddeus White).

The Last City, a sci-fi anthology put together by Dust Publishing’s Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock, is discounted to just 99p/99c in e-book form, until the end of the week and features short stories from best-selling authors like Nathan Hystad and Jo Zebedee. Its varied short stories tell tales of the last major human settlement in a distant solar system, settled ages ago. The City is an asteroid mining operation of immense proportions, ranging from the grimy underclass of the lower levels to unrivalled opulence higher up, all governed by a commercial feudalism with a thin veneer of democracy.

Five star sci-fi for under a quid isn’t half-bad, so now’s the perfect time to buy it.


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